Input buffer for HYPEX NC500 and PURIFI AUDIO

These days we have designed and manufactured the PCB of version 3 in SMD.
Tell you that this V3 has been made in close collaboration with Richard Doporto, of Sonic Imagery Labs, who has provided us with invaluable technical information to adapt the 994 Enh Ticha operational amplifier to this buffer board so that it fits perfectly with the Hypex NC500 module . The NC500 module needs a high current to attack the internal drivers and few operational ones in the market are able to provide that current.

Soon we will do tests and measurements.

Different measurements have been made to the PCB of the SMD buffer (V3) of the NC500 module. Different operational amplifiers have been used to check the behavior of each of them individually and see how it can affect the sound in the power module.

The operational amplifiers used have been:

  • LM4562
  • LME49720
  • MUSES 01

For this, an Audio Precision distortion analyzer model APX515 has been used. These have been the results:

Next, the measurements made with the PCB V2 using the same operational amplifiers and under the same circumstances.

And, finally, the measurements made to the first design of the PCB V1.

The improvement in background noise (THD + N) and distortion between V1 and V3 SMD can be observed.

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