Multichannel power amplifiers

Power amplifier for 9 and 11 channel Home Cinema


Recently we have had two orders of multi-channel power amplifiers for domestic rooms equipped with Dolby Atmos; one of nine channels and another of eleven channels. In the eleven channel, the client asked us to do the front panel in the purest MacIntosh style with indicators (Vu-meters) for the front trio. A 17 “and 4U high chassis was used in which the above-mentioned meters were installed, an on / off switch and another that activates or turns off the indicator light. The rear panel includes balanced XLR Neutrik inputs and speaker connectors Elecaudio These are the results of the eleven channel stage.

Front panel with VU-Meters
Rear panel with balanced inputs
Chassis interior

It consists of three Hypex NCORE NC500 model modules with custom input buffer for the front trio. Six UCD180HG modules for surround channels and two UCD400HG modules for hypothetical booster subwoofers. All modules powered by two switched power supplies of 1200W each.


And there is the one with nine channels. A 17 “, 2U high chassis with only a power switch on the front panel and XLR balanced connections and Elecaudio connectors on the rear panel was used.

Front panel
Rear panel

The power amplifier is comprised of five UCD180HG modules and four UCD400HG modules powered by two switched power supplies of 1200W each.

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