The best mono & stereo amplifiers with the best design to make the listening a unique experience

atm-audio class A power amplifier

High quality power amplifier with a design and heat dissipation system unique in the market. Our HiFi systems are handcrafted with great dedication to obtain equipment with powerful, stable and dynamic sounds.

atm-audio class D power amplifier

Power amplifiers with high efficiency and great sound due to modules with Hypex NCORE and Purifi Audio technology, own-design input buffers and low noise switched power supplies. Audio equipment assembled in an artesanal way and fully customizable.

atm-audio power amplifier - preamplifier

Preamps with minimalist designs and superior components carefully chosen and adjusted for maximum performance. The result: a clear sound without noise or interference that could distract you from the listening.


High-End Design

The design of the equipment is up to the sound quality. Beauty and elegance outside, robustness and perfection inside.

Heat Dissipation System

A new patented heat dissipation system severely reduces the temperature of the product without affecting its elegant arquitecture.

greater stability

The complex mechanical and electronic design together with the handmade assembly achieve powerful, dynamic audio signals without any noise.


atm-audio products are customizable. Connectors, wires, input buffers, chassis colors... all of them can be chosen by the customer.

Top Quality Components

All components are carefully chosen to guarantee a first-class product. The parts are hand-assembled and adjusted to make sure everything works perfectly.

Best Brands

At atm-audio we use components of the best brands to create the best audio equipment: Hypex and Purifi Audio modules, Mundorf and Wima capacitors, Furutech connectors, Sonic Imagery Op. Amp., Sparkos Labs regulators...

Working since 2006

atm-audio works in the design of high fidelity audio equipment since 2006. The experience accumulated during all these years is reflected in high quality products.

Free Shipping

Receive high quality products in your home without shipping costs (on some models)


Stay tuned for the latest news about atm-audio and learn how the technology of our audio equipment works


atm-audio EPM-50 power amplifier

Maximum power, maximum quality

This product is the result of wanting to get the most out of our heat dissipation system and all the experience gained during the development of power amplifiers. It was thus possible to develop a 60 W per channel Class-A amplifier with an incredible design.