Buffer Hypex NC500 and Purifi Audio 1ET400A (pair)

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Two Input Buffer for Hypex NC500 and Purifi 1ET400A modules (for stereo units)




This buffer has been designed in close collaboration with Richard Doporto, of Sonic Imagery Labs, who has provided us with invaluable technical information to adapt the 994 Enh Ticha operational amplifier to this buffer board so that it fits perfectly with the Hypex NC500 module. The NC500 module needs a high current to attack the internal drivers and few operational ones in the market are able to provide that current.


The components used in this buffer are of very high quality and from the best manufacturers on the market. The resistors have a tolerance of 0.1% to avoid the minimum deviation in the gain. The capacitors are Wima and Vishay polyester with a tolerance of 5%. The electrolytic capacitors are Panasonic ECA series with very low resistance. Voltage regulators are very low noise. All components are surface mount (except for operational amplifiers) and mounted on a double-sided fiberglass PCB with ground plane to avoid interference.

The main characteristics of this buffer are:

  • High CMRR
  • Better PSRR
  • Provides current drive regulated to Hypex amp +/- 80mA easily
  • Phase, Frequency razor flat to 100KHz
  • 14.7 dB gain
  • Extremely low THD+N at largue signal levels
  • Stays linear at largue signal levels
  • Remains stable at all IN-Z´s
  • PCB compatible with Sparkoslabs SS2590 and Sonic Imagery API2520 op. amp.


The user can choose between:


  • Operational amplifier SIL994 Enh Ticha
  • Operational amplifier Sparkoslabs SS3602
  • Only PCB without operational amplifiers or voltage regulators


The kit consists of the complete buffer PCB with all components, connectors, voltage regulators and with the chosen op amp.
The PCB only option does not include the voltage regulators or the op amp. Only surface mount components and connectors are included.


The kit includes two units for stereo

Weight ,5 kg
Operational amplifier

Standard LM4562, Sonic Imagery SIL994 Enh Ticha, Sparkoslabs SS3602, Only PCB w/o op amp or VR

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