“The Winds of Change”. Power Amplifiers

Introducing our Wind Series

All our products bear the name of a Mediterranean wind.

We feel music as a fresh breeze in summer, or as a strong stormy wind that open our senses and make us feel alive.



Monophonic GARBI-60

The Garbi-60 is a class A monophonic amplifier with a unique chassis of its kind. The chassis is made of a single slab of aluminum, CNC’d to fit the electronics in pockets that are fit precisely for the components’ sizes. Uniquely, the heat sinks are integrated into the same aluminum chassis. The power transistors are bolted to the chassis that very evenly conducts the heat to the side where dozens of precisely-placed holes silently cool the amplifier via the convection method.

There is no sliding bias and no hybrid technology, just pure and simple Class-A technology. With a 250-Watt low-noise toroidal transformer and MLytic series Mundorf electrolytic capacitors at its basis, the amplifier uses all-discrete A-brand name circuitry and 6 power transistors to deliver 60 Watts of power into 8 ohms.


Completely designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in our facilities in Valencia (Spain), it is a Pure Class A stereo amplifier managed with an analog circuit that reduces the bias current to increase efficiency and, thanks to its exclusive cooling system, reduce the heat. Featuring a low noise 400 watt toroidal transformer and Mundorf MLytic series electrolytic capacitors, the amp uses 4 power transistors in push pull configuration to deliver 25 watts of power into 8 ohms.

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