New Purifi Audio power module

We are pleased to inform you that from the 4th quarter of 2019 we will have the Purifi Audio power module. 1ET400A

1ET400A is a single-channel, ultra-high performance, analog-input Class D Amplifier module capable of over 200W at 8 Ohms of power at an audio quality level that sets the standard for power amplifiers of any operating class. Its compact size and high reliability makes it fit a broad range of applications, while its audio quality makes it the undisputable choice even in applications where all the premium is on sound quality.

These are some features:

  • High loop gain (>75dB) in the entire audio band.
  • Minor intermodulation distortion (IMD)
  • THD remains extremely low at any frequency and any level of power until clipping.
  • Insignificant output noise. There is no audible noise. Deep silences and a generous and detailed sound even with very low reproduction volumes.
  • High power supply rejection ratio (PSRR)
  • The amplifier handles difficult speakers with ease, including those that challenge most amplifiers.
  • Very flat audio band response with a sensitive bandwidth of 60 kHz.
  • Reduced sensitivity to DAC noise, which reduces the requirements of the DAC reconstruction filter. This leaves a shorter signal path between the DAC and the speaker.
  • A buffer can be included with valve triode or with very low noise operational amplifiers.

More details at https://www.purifi-audio.com

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