i-LLEBEIG-K. Hybrid Integrated Amplifier with Streamer.


Last May 2022, atm-audio presented the Wind Series product line at the Munich trade fair. This product line included a phono pre-amp; Migjorn, an analog pre-amp; Llebeig-A, a pre-amp with streamer; Llebeig-DS, a class A stereo power amplifier; Ponent-25, a class A mono power amplifier; Garbí-60, a hybrid stereo power amplifier (class D+valve); Llevant and a hybrid mono power amplifier (class D+valve); Gregal, all of them with monoblock aluminum chassis.

Together with these products, a functional prototype of a hybrid integrated amplifier (class D+valve) with streamer was presented. For this project, a Krion enclosure has been used instead of aluminum.

Krion is a synthetic material composed of thermosetting polymers and minerals. It is known for its strength and durability, and is used in various fields such as construction, furniture and decoration. It is also known as Corian, which is the trade name of DuPont. Krion is characterized by its appearance similar to marble or natural stone, but is lighter and easier to work with. It can be cut, milled, sanded and polished, making it very versatile for use in design and decorative applications.

Final testing has been completed and it will soon be marketed under the i-Llebeig-K name. Technical characteristics will be published shortly.


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