HIFIDELUXE 2022 Sumary with photos

atm-audio is exhibiting all their products: the powerful and elegant Class-A power amplifiers, the small and efficient Class-D hybrid amplifiers, and the most accurate preamps. To offer the best experience, our audio equipment works in conjunction with Kroma Atelier loudspeakers, Artesania Audio AudioVideo rack, and Wires 4 Music, three companies with which we have a good relationship and we usually do joint projects.



Above is the complete system with Kroma Atelier Mimi speakers and an Artesania audio rack with on the lower shelf a Garbi-60 Class A Monophonic power amplifier and the other shelves equipped with atm-audio equipment. All cables are by Wires 4 Music.


Kroma Atelier Mimi


atm-audio Llevant-700. Class D Hybrid Stereo power amplifier (class D + 12AU7 valve)


atm-audio Ponent-25. Class A stereo power amplifier.


Top to bottom:
Llebeig-DS. Preamplifier with Korg Nutube Valve and Streamer
Xaloc. DAC with ES9038PRO
Llebeig-A. Class A Preamplifier


Wires 4 Music Evolution, Horus, and Osiris cables.


atm-audio Gregal. Class D Hybrid monophonic power amplifier. (Class D + Korg Nutube Valve)


atm-audio hybrid stereo integrated amplifier prototype with Korg Nutube valve preamp with streamer and class D power section in a Krion box.


The atm-audio engineering team.


The entire atm-audio team celebrates the success at the fair with good wine and ham.


atm-audio Website
Kroma Atelier Website
Wires 4 Music Website
Artesania Audio Website


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