Filter DC Blocker


If your amplifier has ever suffered from a noisy buzzing power transformer that seems to come and go depending on the time of day.

Your sound system is most likely suffering from DC on the AC mains.

DC on the mains is generated from a lot of modern appliances like air conditioners, laser printers, switch-mode power supplies etc. That not only might be found in your home but are most certainly found in your local neighborhood.

This causes clipping of the AC mains waveform; while not a direct cause of DC on the mains, it is most certainly a symptom and this helps to generate disruptive offset direct currents which effectively are piggy backed on the AC mains waveform.

The result is it saturates power transformers primary winding creating a very loud acoustic buzz which can more often than not be heard across your listening room.

It also robs the power transformer of power and dynamics, which in turn rob the amplifier of sound quality.

The DC blocker is a very high power AC mains conditioner which not only removes the DC from the mains but also filters high frequency noise from the mains as well. All this without the loss of Dynamics or Bass response in the sound stage.

The DC blocker is capable of power devices as high as 1400 watts without any drop off in power delivery.

The result of using the DC Blocker is restored dynamics and resolution in your sound system and no noisy power transformers.

The DC Blocker is designed to power your entire sound system not just your power amplifier. The best place to wire in the DC Blocker is between your household AC Mains and your multi outlet power board.

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