EPM-700 Mono and EPM-450 Mono Power Amplifiers (Options)


The EPM-700 Mono amplifier is based on Hypex’s NC500 class D power module and the EPM-450 Mono amplifier is based on Purifi Audio 1ET400 class D power module. Both have several configuration options: buffered using discrete components and buffered using a Korg Nutube valve (double triode)


  • Option 1. Discrete buffer. This buffer is composed of medical grade components, with very low tolerance and very low noise. You can choose from Sonic Imagery operational amplifiers, models SIL990 and SIL994 Enh. These operational amplifiers are housed in sockets, making it easy to switch to other compatible models. If the customer chooses another model from another brand, they can contact us to indicate the model of their preference and replace it internally.


  • Option 2. Korg Nutube Buffer. We have changed the op amp for a valve. With this option we get all the power and dynamics of a class D amplifier, along with the musical warmth provided by the tubes. You could say that we get an amplifier with a very similar performance to class A in a very small size.


The balanced XLR input connections, speaker connectors and the mains connector are all Furutech.


EPM-700 Mono in black with Korg Nutube option



EPM-450 Mono in silver (not finished) with Korg Nutube option



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