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Class-A stereo power amplifier with 25 W per channel (OLD STOCK)




The amplifier is completely handcrafted, selecting the best components in the market and welding them manually on the printed circuit boards. Once the boards are finished, they are assembled in an anti-vibration aluminium monoblock chassis and their parameters are adjusted in time intervals until the perfect result is achieved once the highest performance temperature has been reached.




The amplifier has mains gold-plated connections. The power supply has a toroidal transformer of 400W with low noise and low dispersion and a capacitor bank of 264.000uF with low ESR capacitors.


Technical Specifications

Of model EPM1


  • Measured at 230VAC with an 8 ohm load:
  • Input Impedance >200 Kohms (RCA input)
  • Damping Factor 20
  • Output power: 20W @ 0,1% THD 1KHz //25 watts @ 1% THD 1KHz
  • 30 watts @ clipping
  • Gain 19.9 dB
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20KHz – 0,2dB. 6Hz – 100KHz  – 3dB
  • Power consumption 220 watts
  • 2AG slow blow, (240 VAC)
  • Measure: 430 x 400 x 90mm (wide, deep, high)
  • Weight: 25 Kg
  • Warranty: Parts and labor for 3 years


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Transport Suitcase

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