In the same price range, there’s nothing similar

I’d been evaluating many brands and models for a long time. In the same price range, there’s nothing similar in terms of craft, components, design and product honesty. You have to double the price or more to find similarities.

J. M. Fuster


Class A and Hybrid amplifiers with a revolutionary new technology.

A step further into audio nirvana.

atm-audio class A power amplifier

Class A amplifiers with a patented heat dissipation system based on the architecture of beehives.
25 kg of pure musical bliss.

atm-audio class D power amplifier

NCore based Hybrid amps with soul. Our revolutionary design humanises the typical coldness of digital amps for a real musical experience.

atm-audio power amplifier - preamplifier

Stereo pre-amplifiers and DAC that transport you to a higher audio dimension.

“Reliability, aesthetics and transparent sound. Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service.”

J. Schmidt

EPM-50 L y R.396


Minimalistic Design

The design of the equipment is up to the sound quality. Beauty and elegance outside, robustness and perfection inside.

Patented Heat Dissipation System

Our unique heat dissipation system based on the architecture of beehives dramatically reduces the temperature of the amps.

Lowest Distortion

Our amps are encased in our own designed anti-vibration chassis made from a solid block of aluminium for a seamless performance.


atm-audio products are customisable. You can choose amongst the best brands of connectors, wires, input buffers and from a variety of colours.

Superior quality components

We work with the best brands to create high-end audio equipment. Hypex modules, Mundorf and Wima capacitors, Furutech connectors, Sonic Imagery Op. Amps., Sparkos Labs regulators. Only the best of the best.

Amplifying  Emotions since 2006

atm-audio has been crafting hi-fi products since 2006. Our products reflect our vast audio know-how and passion for music.

“atm-audio hybrid amplifiers deliver up to 500 watts of what closely resembles actual Class-A sound from a tiny cool-running box.”

We work closely with our partners

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